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Image source: Pixabay

It’s unbearable to see your furry friend suffering. The pain can affect a beagle in so many ways. It can make it restless and sometimes agitated, even angry. If your goal is to help your beagle overcome an illness and don’t want to use over-the-counter drugs, you can feel like your hands are tied. Fortunately, there are natural remedies such as Kratom.

For hundreds of years, Kratom has been used as a remedy for things. Understandably, you want to find out more about a thing like this before giving it to your dog. After all, you want to help your beagle. Let’s see how Kratom can prevent chronic or momentary pain your beagle is experiencing.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tree native to several countries in Southeast Asia. The tree belongs to the coffee family and is an evergreen plant. In the countries where Kratom is native, it has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, especially its leaves, which contain most of its active substance.

People in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia have recognized its stimulant-like effects and opioid properties. They chewed Kratom leaves and made tea from dried leaves in the beginning. Today, Kratom is accessible worldwide. Most often, you will be able to find it in renowned shops such as  in the form of powder or pills.

The history of Kratom indicates that people were the ones that used it the most. The real question is can it help a dog?

Dogs and Kratom

Whether you like it or not, most new drugs are tested on rats. This initial research is vital for assessing the effects of a new medicine or compound. Given that both rodents and dogs are in the group of mammals, Kratom’s impact on mice will be the same as its effects on dogs.

The studies have been so successful that now they are starting to be done on human subjects. More specifically, it was proved that Kratom could help with depression and anxiety symptoms. If there were no side effects observed in rodents and humans, it’s logical to assume that there would be none in dogs.

How can Kratom help your beagle?

Image source: Pixabay

The real question here is whether you can offer Kratom to your beagle. Can it help your beagle and deliver expected pain relief? Well, it’s a good thing that we now have a study on beagles which helps us answer this question. The researchers administered the active substance found in Kratom called mitragynine. The results were promising. 

Beagles in the study were mildly sedated, and Kratom helped them with anxiety symptoms.

Here is how Kratom can help your beagle:

There are some bonus benefits that you can experience if you decide to add Kratom to your beagle’s diet. For instance, adding it to your dog’s meals can help increase your dog’s appetite. This property can come in handy when the dog is suffering from chronic pain because dogs don’t eat much when hurting. Kratom will both help with pain and increase appetite. 

If your furry friend suffers from seizures, Kratom can help them. Adding Kratom to their food bowl can help with seizures, make them less frequent, or completely cure them.

What about addiction?

Whether you decide to give your beagle kratom bites or powder, you should always give the recommended dose. Kratom can lead to addiction if you give your dog very high doses. As long as you respect the recommendations, you and your beagle are in the safe zone.

People who prefer natural remedies over those engineered by big pharmaceutical companies have been using Kratom for quite some time now. They don’t only use Kratom themselves but also give it to their pets, beagles included. 

To answer our initial question, “Yes, you can give Kratom to your beagle — it is effective when it comes to easing pain.” It will also effectively cure other problems and offer plenty of benefits to your beloved beagle.

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